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~ Nick
We cannot keep the toxins out of our body's, however with the products from this company, we sure can kick them out. I use the edible clay every day.

~ Anne
I cut my hand and my neighbor gave me his tube of Redmond Clay First Aid.  I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with it!!!!!
I had a deep cut yesterday that should have been clamped (but I just hate hospitals)  Its damn near healed. today.  Anyway I would like to order another tube to replace his as he has been kind enough to leave his here.

~ Bridgette R 

Clay Remedies offers a variety of clay products all of which I love!! I recently used ordered the green clay and used is on my skin for a facial, and it literally felt like a vacuum was lifting the impurities out of my skin. The next day, all the white heads in the t-zone were lifted up. I washed my face and my pores were noticeably smaller. From then on, I just apply the clay to any trouble spots or bumps before the pimple even becomes soft, I no longer have to endure the horrible act of squeezing anything out. The clay does that for me with not pain, blemishes or spots. It shrunk my pores and removed the white heads that are in the T-zone. I love the fact that it is contaminant free. My daughter loves it, and she uses it to treat contact dermatitis as an alternative to the steroids that are prescribed. I really enjoy the taste and benefits of the terramin red clay, it has a rich, earthy taste and if you have ever craved chalk then this is the product for you. It will feed your body with all the nutrients your body is deficient in and you satisfy the craving for something earthy like (umami flavor) It helps to detoxify my body, reduce inflammation and acid reflux. Clay is an ancient remedy that has long been used all over the world and for the amount of toxins we are exposed to on a daily baisis, we owe it to ourselves to use clay.
PS you can bake it and eat in chunks if you don't like the powder. Just mix the powder with water and bake at 350

~ Larry P 
I have a friend that has gout.. his meds were strugling and I thought the clay absorbs many things in the body, and disposes of it.. so I gave him a little... amazing, within one day he was close to normal again.. he is a true believer... he says anytime he feel it flaring up.. he mixes some up and it is over...also... has anyone thought of contacting someone about the listeria breakout in cantilope... it has killed 15 people.. it is a bacteria... just thought I would mention it... I know if i knew some one who got it... they would be doing some clay... Thanks guys.

~ Arizona Beauty
Edible Clay Chunks Review: I ordered my Clay on Saturday and received it on Monday. Very fast and high quality service all around. I love eating clay chunks, so this was great and great tasting. I also received some extra sample items and was very impressed. This clay helped my sore gums instantly and satisfied my craving. excellent customer service and I felt secure paying online.

~ Vaibhav
Clay Remedies is a well put together home-based business out of Florida. Their website is very informative and so are their monthly newsletters. I recently purchased 2 varieties of clay - one for internal (edible) and the other for external (topical application) use.
Their staff is very helpful and friendly and were kind enough to share a book excerpt regarding proper use of external clay, which was much helpful. The benefits of clay for detoxification as well as mineral supplement were obvious within a couple days (for myself and my wife anyway - each person is different) and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to achieve the same. I would like to explore other products that this business offers in order to improve my own health and that of others looking for effective alternative remedies.

~ Larry
I just wanted to pass on something that happened the other day... I got a little food poisoning… after hours of the sickness… I remembered that the clay is said to "Kill bacteria on contact" ... so I chugged a glass (gagging because of the poisoning) but within 5 minutes… the gurgling of my stomach quit... and amazingly… I was not sick any longer... Thank you for this product.

~ Mandy
The clay is so goooood…I have lost weight on my waist line wow it works I'm never tired now and full of energy!

~ Jackie

My order was excellent with a quick delivery. I love all my products and I'm sorry I'm already hooked. Thank you soooooooooooo much. Keep up the good work.

~ RatePoint Reviewer

Very quick shipping. Seemed to me the best deal out there. Very satisfied.

~ Peter

Excellent product and excellent service!

~ Shea

After I placed my first order from Clay Remedies, I received my order without a problem. During my second order, however, I made a mistake in the order form. The customer service I received was amazing. My mistake was corrected within about an hour of my email to the customer service department. The staff was extremely respectful and helpful. I have never had an issue resolved with such ease. 10* in my opinion!

~ Lita

This is the first time I read your articles... sorry… have had your clay which helped me with food poisoning… will try to use it more often.

~ Schell

I can't tell you how impressed I was at your service and accommodation. (Actually, it's sad in a way that we have to be impressed by excellent service when years ago, we just expected it! Times have changed and not always for the better!) Honestly, you went above and beyond and I am very grateful.
I know that if they haven't already, my friends will be placing an order and so will I. Please pass my e-mail along to your group. I want them to know how appreciative I am and will pass along the good news to others about your company. - Schell

~ D. Etue ND

Fantastic products & service! I love the little "extras" too!

~ Jack

I've been using clay remedies for @ 3 yrs. now & find the detox clay fantastic. I'm a welder so am exposed to lots of heavy metals in the air. When I use the Terramin clay the energy level boost is noticeable in @ 2-3 days. I know when I don't supplement with it I really begin to drag.

~ Dee

Items shipped fast and very easy transaction! I am really enjoying the fragrances I purchased. Will definitely make future orders!

~ Christine

Great experience - would recommend and buy from again.

~ RatePoint Reviewer

I love all the products I have purchased!

~ Kelley

I have been using products from Clay Remedies for about 2 years. I love their products, particularly the Terramin 2 in 1 Mega-Mineral Supplement& Internal Cleanser. I recently had a normal bone scan after years of showing osteopenia (I'm 48). The shipping is always fast and efficient. Their customer service is top-notch!

~ Larry

I was painting with an epoxy a few years ago... and ever since had problems in my joints… (Very Painful)... I finally heard that there were products that would take from my system... and after looking on the web, I ran across your product... It seems to have worked to the better… I used it for about a month and now use it now and then ... I am other meds that I need and it fights with them… so I use it for about a week every few months and that seems to work for me...I feel that everyone is different and should use this product on a per person basis.
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