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Additional Uses of Healing Clays

By: Alexandra Carr

This article is meant to introduce the reader to a few additional uses of therapeutic healing clays. Most people are familiar with the use of clay as a facial masque or may be familiar with the practice of therapeutic clay baths in natural settings. If you’ve done some research on the topic, you will already know that there are certain health clays which can be used internally as a detoxifying agent and mineral supplement source.
But, the use of calcium bentonite clays in health is practically inexhaustible.
The following list includes a brief description, along with an explanation of benefits for each use. For further details, such as method of application and duration period, you should reference product manuals or other reading material on the subject.

Body “Mud” Wraps
The use of clay with high mineral content...

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Yolen Jeunky, 45, collects dried "mud cookies" to sell in the shantytown of Cité Soleil in
Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on November 29, 2007.

Rising food prices have forced poor Haitians to depend on the cookies—a mixture of salt,
vegetable shortening, and mud—for sustenance.

Photograph by Ariana Cubillos/AP




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