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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Frequently asked questions




Where is ClayRemedies located?

We are located in Hollywood, Florida – USA


Do you have a physical store?

No- We are exclusively an on-line retailer.


Can I arrange to pick up my local order?

We are a home – based family run business.  For security reasons we prefer to ship all orders.

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 Do you offer wholesale accounts?

We are a retailer. However, we can offer a case pricing discount on certain products. Send your inquiry to: acarr@clayremedies.com


Can I order an item not shown in your store from a vendor/manufacturer in your product line?

Possibly... Please contact us with the item information and we will get back to you with a special order price quote and take it from there.


How do I use my promo coupon code?

Promo codes are used in the shopping cart during the order payment process. When prompted just insert the code and the discount will be applied, you will then see the discounted amount in your balance due totals.


Do you accept checks?

 No. we do not.

Can I pay with my American Express Credit Card?

 Unfortunately at this time we do not accept American Express.

Does clayremedies store my credit card information?

No- and we do not have access to it. Your payment information is handled by third party secure channels such as; The Quick Shopping Cart service which organizes your member account information, Intuit Merchant Services- our secure credit card merchant provider.

Do you use a secure server to process my payment information?

Yes- Our Web site is secured with a GoDaddy.com Web Server  SSL Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.


Where are you shipping from?

We ship all our stock items from Hollywood, Fl. Occasionally, (very rare) we may have our Terramin manufacturer fill your order direct as a drop ship order. This would occur as a result of our stock levels and your order quantities but, this would be very unusual.


Do you offer order minimum free shipping?

Yes- we offer free shipping on domestic retail orders valued at $35 or more (based on Merchandise value). 


Do you ship internationally?

We handle overseas shipping on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to know if we can arrange your international order, you may use our Contact Us form to initiate your request. Review our International Shipping Guidelines.

What shippers do you use?

We use the U S Postal Service; Flat Rate Shipping, Priority Mail, is our primary standard shipping option. As a secondary option, for large or heavy shipments we will use Fed Ex.

Will I have access to track my shipment?

Yes, we will email you the shipping and tracking information for your packages once your order has been shipped.

What if I’m willing to pay for express or next day delivery?

This could be done. You will need to contact us to discuss such request.  We will need to know the details of what you would like to order, so we can determine the shipment weight and packaging needed in order to accurately quote next day shipping charges.


Once I’ve paid for my order, when can I expect to have it delivered?

Normally, delivery ranges from 2 to 5 business days, depending on your delivery destination region.

We strive to ship all orders on the same day as placed. However, If your order is received after 12pm (Eastern Standard Time) it will most likely ship next day. This rule applies Monday through Friday as FedEx home and ground shipments do not initiate shipping on the weekends. Ex: If we receive you’re your order on Friday 4pm (EST) it will be shipped on Monday.

Will the shipper require a delivery signature?

On Fedex shipments, we usually require signature on apartment deliveries only and it is set up as an Indirect Signature Request. This means that providing there is no one available at the time of delivery, the driver will have the option to leave your package in the management office or with a neighbor and request a signature from them. They will then leave delivery notification at your door.

This optional service is not included on standard deliveries and increases the cost of delivery. We choose to include this service as a courtesy on apartment deliveries to prevent your shipment from being left at the door increasing the chance of theft.




What are the benefits of joining your membership?

When you register as a member, your billing and shipping information is stored. This feature will help to speed up the check out process for future shopping. You'll just need to sign in first.
NOTE: This feature does NOT store your payment information so, be sure to have your credit card handy if you're not using Paypal.  
Members, will also receive our monthly newsletter bringing news of featured specials, new items, new website features or changes and inventory updates. Occasionally, we’ll also send you member only discounts, discount promo codes and special limited time deals such as; free shipping promotions and flash sales.

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I would like to submit a product or shopping experience testimonial, what is the process?

If you like, you may send us your testimonial via our contact us comment box or email it to: acarr@clayremedies.com
Thank You!


What is your returns policy?

We accept returns of unused factory sealed goods providing they were purchased within 30 days of return. To compensate for our initial shipping and handling expense, a 15% restocking fee may apply to all returned merchandise. Returned goods are to be returned at the expense of the buyer.

We do not accept returns on books or edible products once opened.

To review more policy information click on our terms and conditions  link located at the bottom of our store home page at www.shop.thewellnessdepot.com


What is your policy on damaged or lost package?

The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this Web site passes to you once the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier. Therefore, all Damaged Freight or Lost Package Claims claims must be initiated by you the buyer, with the assigned shipper.

CLAY REMEDIES.COM will consider and assist with any damaged claims on a case by case basis. 


Do you have a privacy policy, where can I find it?

Yes- You can find Links in our terms and conditions page, our home page, about us page and here it is as well- privacy policy


Do you offer product samples?

When available, we offer an assorted clay sample pack. We do not charge for the samples however, you pay the $5 cost of shipping and handling. The sample pack is available to USA customers only. The pack contains samples of Terramin Powder & Tablets and Redmond Clay. When available, we will include samples of other goods with your pack.

You must initiate your sample request via our contact us page.

Do you offer advice on choosing and using clay?

We offer a great deal of information right here on this website. If you are just learning about health clays, we encourage you to visit our web pages; ABOUT CLAY and the RESOURCES page. Also, each item page in our shop offers the necessary product information needed to support your buying decision. If you are seeking deeper knowledge on the topic of health clay, we offer a few books on the topic. We also have a Facebook Page which addresses some valid VISITOR QUESTIONS in the NOTES section of the page and throughout the pages timeline. If you can not find an answer to your product question on the store's item page, remember that the product manufacturer is the ultimate source of information regarding product questions. Consider visiting the product manufacturers web site for more information or pursuing your inquiry directly with them via their contact channels.

Please keep in mind that we do not intend to diagnose any physical or mental condition, or to recommend the use of clay as a substitute for the advice and treatment of a licensed professional.  We do not employ a health practitioner, and make no claims in this regard. The advice we give is based solely on personal experience and subject research knowledge.


I don’t see my question here, where can I find your contact information?

You can find links in our home page, about us page, store shop home page  and here it is as well,  contact us we look forward to hearing from you!



Frequently Asked Questions
Courtesy of the Manufacturer of Terramin®; California Earth Minerals Corp (CEMC)



Where does Terramin® come from?

Southern California near Arizona in an area known as the Colorado Desert, which is the original Colorado river delta.

Location is the reason our clay mineral product is so superior.  TERRAMIN® has been preserved in a hot, dry desert location many feet underground, protected from man's "footprint" in an open ionic state.  Because the minerals originated from the pristine, nutrient-rich Colorado mountains, our compound contains a bounty of colloidal minerals in balanced proportions.

How does the mining of Terramin® impact the environment?

California Earth Minerals Corp (CEMC) is committed to eco-friendly production and complete sustainability.

Terramin® comes from our subsurface mine in the arid Colorado desert in Southern California.  We extract each batch of minerals from beneath the surface, without the use of water or chemicals that can cause erosion or pollution. The minerals are carefully removed and the over-layer ("overburden") is replaced to preserve the natural state of the desert habitat.  We apply good environmental and sustainability methods.

At CEMC we are very aware of the damage that many modern industrial processes can do to our environment. In fact our clays are used to clean up toxic spills and to remove mercury from coal emissions.  As part of our company mission, we strive to help preserve a healthy planet.

What is the shelf life for Terramin® products? I don't see an expiration date.


Terramin® is an "inorganic" compound.  This means it has no biotic/carbon-based compounds in it.  Therefore, the product is not subject to degradation over time.

In fact, we believe Terramin® is billions of years old, and has been deposited in a pristine subsurface condition in its open ionic state.  It comes from a hot, dry region of the US desert Southwest.  When we extract it from below the earth's surface, we do not need to do anything to it to trigger its performance, and nothing we do to make it available to you reduces its capacity to work as a healing and regenerative agent.  

It simply does not expire!  This is why for 100% Terramin® products, there is no expiration date.

However, Terramin® is sometimes used as an ingredient in other products.  So please pay attention to expiration dates that may appear on any consumer packaging.  If you are buying an edible powder or tablet, we do advise that you keep it in a dry place with the lid on tight.  This will prevent possible contamination or moisture accumulation.  For tablets and caplets, please keep out of reach of children.

Why does my Terramin® product taste or smell different from the last time I ordered?


TERRAMIN® is a highly pure, rare form of Calcium Montmorillonite that has been deposited and stored by nature in a unique low-desert, underground dry-desert deposit.  As a result, it has been preserved in its pristine, pre-anthropic condition.

However, like all natural substances, our clay mineral compound is subject to slight variation, in taste, color, aroma, and average particle size.  In this sense, our product is not unlike many other natural products such from wood products to oranges, marble counter tops, or hand-rolled cigars.  Natural products are inherently non-uniform, and the only way to make them homogenous is to subject them to intense over-processing, which we will not do.

If the Terramin® product that you just purchased seems slightly different than the last product you purchased, do not be alarmed.  It is not an indication of a change in quality, but rather a natural variation.  Any smell or flavor difference is due to natural hydrocarbons from the original deposit and mineral characteristics.

To assure you of the highest quality product, we test and control the purity of our clay mineral compound and adhere to good manufacturing practices for the grade and application of each product.  TERRAMIN® is free of contaminants, pesticides, man-made chemicals, and additives.  It is a powerful detoxing and remineralizing agent.

You can take Terramin® as a tablet or powder, and you can mix it in water or with a juice.  For maximum benefit, take 1 hour between meals and medications.

If all of your mineral products are made from Terramin®, what is the difference between them?


We believe in the purity, simplicity, and naturalness of our products.  This is why we keep additives to an absolute minimum. However, our consumers often mix our clay with botanicals and other elements.

To support different products and to keep prices as low as possible, California Earth Minerals Corp produces five product grades:

   1. Grade A1:  Ultra-Fine, all powder below 450 mesh; 75% of the compound consists of sub-micronic sized (< 2 microns) particles. From lowest—Most protected layers of the mine; used for facial and skin applications.

   2. Grade A2:  Extremely Fine, all powder below 350 mesh; 70% of the compound consists of sub-micronic-sized particles (< 2 microns).  From lowest—Most protected layers of the mine; packaged under food-grade conditions.  Used for edible supplements.

   3. Grade A3:  Very Fine; slight amount of small silica particles.  All powder below 200 mesh; 60% of the compound consists of sub-micronic-sized particles (< 2 microns).  Used for water clarification, pain relief packs, and hydrotherapy products.

   4. Grade B1:  Fine; some silica particulate.  All powder below 180 mesh;  50% of the compound consists of sub-micronic-sized particles (< 2 microns).  Used for animal feed and animal health supplements.

   5. Grade B2:  Fine, blended silica particles.  All powder is mixed and some particulate is slightly over 200 mesh size, mixed with extremely fine powder; 40% of the total volume is sub-micronic-sized particles.  Used for soil supplements.

What's the difference between ION-MIN® and other products, like TERRAMIN®?

A word from California Earth Minerals Corp. (the manufacturer of the Terramin® product line) 

Terramin® is the natural, pure, premium clay mineral compound that comes from our dry desert mine.  This substance is organized into five grades that are used in a variety of products, from edible mineral compounds to skin and bathing products, to environmental restoration agents.  One of our products is called TERRAMIN®, which is our ingestible clay mineral source.

We sell our branded products through resellers that can help you choose the best natural products for your well being.

We also sell Terramin® to other manufacturers and resellers that may sell their own brands.  So you may see it sold in a variety of health promoting forms from a number of good merchants under the registered brand name: ION-MIN®.

Look for Ion-min® wherever natural mineral compound products are sold.




What is the "Daily Value" of Terramin®?


First, let's understand what Daily Values are.  The Daily Value, or "DV" percentage that you see on supplement labels, including our edible brands is a metric required by the FDA for food and supplement labeling.  The DV reflects recommended daily consumption levels established by the FDA, which are based on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet.

It is important for you to know that while the USDA and FDA are aware that at the very minimum, there are 17 minerals considered absolutely proven to be "essential", the FDA in its wisdom has established DV's for only seven of them.

Of course, the DV's are based on the static RDA's, or recommended daily allowance, which are actual amounts of various nutrients that some researchers believe people should have to remain healthy.  This means these numbers are closer to minimums than maximums.  

Naturally, since no two people are alike, and because the needs of various people can vary tremendously based on age, sex, environmental conditions, levels of health, and amounts of exercise, these are only guidelines and should never be construed as prescribed amounts for any individual's ongoing health, or as approximations of maximum amounts that anyone should take.

Moreover, the FDA has no data on mineral types and forms that impact absorption, and the differences in individual absorption capabilities.  It is widely believed that we only absorb 10-50% of the minerals from foods and supplements that we ingest.  As a result, the FDA DV's are crude approximations for minimal health needs.  Most people need far more mineral nutrients that the DV's suggest.

As if that is not complex enough, the federal government also uses acronyms such as RDI, DRI, USRDA, and DRV! 


We feel there are many other quality nutrients packed into all of our TERRAMIN® products, most of which are needed by humans and animals for healthy living.  TERRAMIN® naturally contains 57 minerals that we consider health promoting in balanced amounts.  We do not believe that the additional "heavy metal" elements beyond those in TERRAMIN® are necessarily health promoting.

We believe the Daily Values are only one set of facts out of many considerations you need to make evaluations before making dietary and supplement choices.  Because we want to comply with reasonable regulatory requirements, the daily value equivalents are listed for certain minerals on our product labels.

Consult trusted sources and make judgments wisely.  If you are using supplements as part of a therapy or treatment, please consult a medical practitioner.

If I use a Terramin® product as a mineral supplement, do I need to take any other supplements?


Terramin® is one source of nutrients.  It can be used in combination with many other health product choices.  It is not sufficient in most cases to supplement your diet with TERRAMIN® alone.  You need to eat a healthy diet and consider how your health and environment may cause you to need more of other nutrients.

The minerals in Terramin® are colloidal and ionic.  But every person needs a different balance and amount of minerals, and the amounts needed by a person can vary over time.  What Terramin® does is make 57 important, macro, micro, and trace minerals available to your body to help support your overall metabolism.  Other nutrients are certainly needed, and a person should evaluate if they need concentrated forms of other minerals.  

If you wish to use supplements to resolve a specific health issue, or prevent one, you are encouraged to consult your physician or licensed practitioner of health.

Can I take edible Terramin® with organic foods, such as green superfoods?


We know of a number of natural health practitioners who mix the clay with green superfoods to make a cocktail and they feel that they get good results.  This is consistent with the animal studies that suggest you can give it with feed (food) and the animals grow strong and healthy (bone, tissue analysis, especially young animals.

While we believe the silicate platelets compete with the intestine for nutrient uptake, a serving of clay also releases more than enough minerals (while in the stomach due to pH) to compensate for the re-adsorption in the intestine.

It's also possible that the green foods help chelate the minerals for broader uptake.

Some of our autism advocates have success with this formula to control the gut.

Nevertheless, for normal use, we still advise waiting between meals.

The beautiful thing is that once the clay gets to the colon, its powerful ionic charge detoxifies on the way out!  What could be better?

How is Terramin® different from liquid colloidal minerals?


There are many differences, and one should not think of them as product alternatives.

The main differences are:

   1. TERRAMIN® contains a lot of silica, which is both a mineral delivery agent and a negative ionic compound (an anion).  Negative ionic stimuli may be helpful for human physiology.  But the silica is also very important for human and animal health.  Most nutritionists doubt that people get enough of it.  Moreover, it serves as a buffer so the right mix of minerals is introduced into the body.

   2. TERRAMIN® serves as a detoxifier at the same time as a mineralizer.  Liquid colloidals do not work this way, except through the normal benefits of adding nutrients to your diet.  But the negative ionic power of the silica actually pulls toxins and pathogens from your body.  Also, TERRAMIN®, like many Montmorillonites is a powerful antibacterial agent.

   3. Liquid colloidal minerals are cations; they are positively charged ions, as are most metals and toxins.  TERRAMIN® outer layers are negatively charged ions (anions), with colloidal minerals loosely suspended within the crystal layers, so a buffered exchange can take place.

   4. TERRAMIN® has a naturally high PH balance

   5. TERRAMIN® is 100% natural and its mineral classification is listed as "generally regarded as safe" by the FDA.  Liquid colloidals cannot make that claim.

   6. TERRAMIN® can be used effectively in hydrotherapy and skin treatments, and is shown to naturally relieve pain of bites, stings and abrasions, as well as joint pain.


What is the pH of Terramin®?


This means Terramin® is safe and relatively highly alkaline.  The overall acidity of our environment and our bodies seems more compatible with alkaline than acid composition.  High pH (anything over 7 is considered alkaline/ base) makes the mineral compound perform better and may help reduce the alkalinity of your body.


But moderation is advised here. Most living things depend on a proper pH level to sustain life. All human beings and animals rely on internal mechanisms to maintain the pH level of their blood. The blood flowing through our veins must have a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Exceeding this range by as little as one-tenth of a pH unit could prove fatal.  Note, this is your tissue pH, not saliva or urine.


The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. It measures the acidity or basicity of a solution. A pH of 7 means it is a neutral solution. Pure water has a pH of 7.  A pH of less than 7 means the solution is acidic. A pH of more than 7 means the solution is basic.


Many people think that by ingesting high-pH substances their body pH will increase and their "acidosis" will be resolved.  This is a misunderstanding and a gross oversimplification of biochemistry.  Even the most alkalizing foods are only 8.5 to 9.0 in pH.  Most are neutral or acidic. Clearly, we were not intended to ingest highly alkaline substances on a regular basis.  PH approaching 10 is caustic and may not digest well.  Highly alkaline silicates my not release minerals as well as moderately alkaline silicates.


The better goal is to ingest a balance of viable amounts of electrolytes and trace minerals, and to avoid acid-causing foods.  This allows your normal body pH homeostatic processes to achieve pH without going to extreme, taxing measures.  That being said, with all the acid-forming foods we eat, taking alkaline substances...anything over 8 is beneficial.  But the key is what causes the high pH of a supplement?  Is it natural?  Is it due to a heavy metal that you shouldn’t be overexposed to?  Find sources you trust.

What is the average particle size of Terramin® Clay?


To provide you with the finest powder possible, the mineral powder in our products undergoes a separation process into grades that meet the needs for various markets. The larger particles are removed and we keep only very fine particulate of differing levels of fineness.


It is important to remember that as with all natural products, sizes vary. Traditional measurements of grade are inadequate for sizes as small as the particles in Terramin®. Unfortunately traditional measures of grade only tell you the largest particle sizes that have been removed from the product. However, most of the product contains particles much smaller.  And as a consumer, you should know what the ratios of fineness are for each product.


To find out how much of our material is ultra-fine, we analyzed TERRAMIN® using a “Standard Test Method for Particle Size Analysis”. This standard method is issued under designation D22-63, (re-approved 1990), of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). The determinations of average tested clays were as follows


    * 60%  2 microns or less

    * 10%  5 – 15 microns

    * 5%  15 – 20 microns

    * 20%  20 – 250 microns

    * 5%   over 250 microns


What gives Terramin® its red-tan color?


Our clay contains around 4% iron. Just as the iron in your blood makes it red, the iron content of Terramin® changes its color to a reddish tan. Human blood needs iron, yet it only has a couple of grams in it to create all of your blood's dramatic red color. Incredibly, an adult human has only an amount of iron inside their entire body to equal the weight of  a US penny.


There are 56 other macro, micro, and trace minerals in colloidal, ionic form within this supercharged mineral compound.  Most don't create much color, but they are part of your physiology and help keep your body working.  Many absolutely critical micro minerals are needed in only hyper-trace amounts.  Don't let the small amounts lead you to think they are less important.  If you are missing some of these minerals, your health and life could be threatened.  Unfortunately, the food chain is depleted of many of these trace elements and processed foods make them even less available.  Most people are mineral deficient and unaware of the need for supplementation.


Be sure you get the minerals you need by using our edible and cleansing products on a daily basis.



Are there any warnings or contradictions for personal use of Terramin® products?


We advise using common sense, such as the following:


   1. Use as directed

   2. Don't inhale powders.  No mineral powder is intended to be inhaled

   3. Like most powders, don't get in your eyes.  It is an irritant, although not a toxin.

   4. All Montmorillonite clays can be antagonistic to (cancel out) certain vitamins and minerals in supplements or foods. It does this by adsorbing and absorbing positive ionic substances. Don't take less than an hour before or after a meal.

   5. For the same reasons, don't take within an hour of taking prescription medications.  It is not known to react or interact with medications, but it might neutralize some of their effect.

   6. Don't use to treat a disease without first consulting a physician or natural medical practitioner. Consult a physician before using during pregnancy.

   7. It's always wise to keep supplements out of the reach of children.


The FDA considers all Calcium Montmorillonite compounds to be "generally recognized as safe."  It is one of only a few mineral materials allowed by the USDA to be used with foods labeled "organic."  The US Cosmetics Review board gives it their highest safety rating.  Many studies show no toxic effects even when consumed or used topically in moderate amounts over long periods of time. Quite the contrary, it will tend to detoxify and remineralize within any environment to which it is added: soil, water, and anatomy.


Does Terramin® cure or prevent any specific ailment or disease?


The makers and resellers of Terramin® and related products cannot by law assert that such products have passed FDA regulatory requirements for being considered a drug, and therefore cannot assert that the compound represents a cure or functions as a medicinal product.


None of the statements in this web site or in our literature should be construed as advocating the use of Terramin® products for curing or preventing a disease.


Even if we thought the product did cure something specific, we could not make that claim without going through costly, long-term randomized control trials and regulatory processes that would be expensive and could take years.  So we make no such claim.


Only you can determine what is good for you, and what you will accept as medicine.  Your doctor can prescribe medication, and your pharmaceutical company can provide information. Pharmacies can make products available, but nobody can make your health decisions for you.  Do your research and find sources you can trust.  Take charge of your health.



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