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At the Natural Products Assoc Trade Show

Here I am at the Natural Products Association Trade Show, In Search of New Suppliers!


I can't tell you how impressed I was at your service and accommodation.  (Actually, it's sad in a way that we have to be impressed by excellent service when years ago, we just expected it!  Times have changed and not always for the better!)  Honestly, you went above and beyond and I am very grateful.

I know that if they haven't already, my friends will be placing an order and so will I.  Please pass my e-mail along to your group.  I want them to know how appreciative I am and will pass along the good news to others about your company. – Schell

Clay Remedies...Our Story

 A few years ago, I was discussing homeopathic cures with a friend who is well practiced in using various natural (alternative) medicines. I asked her to recommend a remedy to treat my mothers' condition; Advanced Chronic Hepatitis. 
Much to my surprise she advised me to have her apply therapeutic clay compresses to her external liver region and explained the technique in detail.

Since then, I have learned much about healing clays. I launched myself into an in-depth research study on the subject. I was so impressed by all that I read, that it wasn't long before I purchased my first jars of edible clay. I also began applying the external bentonite clay packs recommended for mom. The results for us both, were recognizable and continue to amaze us to this day!
So much, that I decided to start my very own business, specializing in therapeutic healing clays.

We take great pride in our product line, all our products are carefully selected to fit high quality standards.  It is our goal to offer these products to you at competitive prices, low shipping rates and fast delivery!
Our mission remains the same... to help raise awareness on the benefits of healing clays, and to re-introduce this age old cure to the 21st century consumer, one customer at a time!

Clay Remedies, LLC was formed in 2008.

Thank you for visiting our web site, we look forward to serving your alternative
health & beauty needs. 

May we all enjoy abundant peace, blessings and good health!

Alex Carr
Website Manager
Clay Remedies LLC 



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