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Edible clay, can it really be good for you?

So you've heard a bit about healing clays…perhaps you even did a little digging (pun intended) and you may have a fairly good understanding of the scientific  principles behind this peculiar subject.
If so, it’s probable that by now, you may be a bit confused by the many names, Calcium Montmorillonite… Calcium Bentonite… Living Clay… all given to one particular clay;

Montmorillonite, belongs to the Smectite group of clays and it is the preferred species of edible clay.  

Like most people, you may have heard of cosmetic clays such as; French green clay  which, when used in clay facials serves as an effective natural solution for stubborn acne.

French Green Clay Mask Treatment

But, if you are just learning about the benefits of “eatable” montmorillonite clay, then here is a list you will want to review.

10 Good Reasons To Eat Clay!

  1. To assist your body in the removal of toxic substances in the digestive system such as bacterial food poisoning, organic and inorganic toxicity.
  2. To cleanse your colon and promote proper bacterial balance in the intestines.
  3. To begin the process of detoxification of the liver and to stimulate your liver function.
  4. To assist your body in the removal of heavy metals and recovery from chemical and radiation therapies.
  5. To detoxify throughout your entire body for better metabolism and weight control.
  6. To reduce free radical damage; thus anti-aging.
  7. To improve your immune systems function and cellular respiration.
  8. To increase the bio-availability/assimilation of calcium.
  9. To help moderate acids in your body due to a high PH compound.
  10. To provide your body with a full spectrum of natural bio-available colloidal trace minerals.

   By now, you may be wondering…"how does one consume this edible clay"?

Good question.
Relax, you won’t be chewing on chunks of clay…

Chunks of Terramin Edible Clay

The most popular method of 'eating clay' is to drink it!

Terramin Clay Drink

Terramin Montmorillonite Clay is used world-wide by many and it is one of the finest edible grade clays available. It comes in an ultra-fine 100% all natural super clean powdered form.
Terramin is a 2 in 1 mega-mineral supplement & internal cleanser that makes drinking clay a breeze!  Just mix a teaspoon of the clay powder with 8 ounces of water or juice, stir well and drink.
But, if you prefer, Terramin is also available in easy to swallow tablets.

Terramin Edible Clay Supplement Detox Product Line

The Terramin Family

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I just wanted to pass on something that happened the other day... I got a little food poisoning… after hours of the sickness... I remembered that the clay is said to "Kill bacteria on contact" ... so I chugged a glass (gagging because of the poisoning) but within 5 minutes...the gurgling of my stomach quit... and amazingly... I was not sick any longer... Thank you for this product.  --  Larry


I've been using clay remedies for @ 3 yrs. now & find the detox clay fantastic. I'm a welder so I am exposed to lots of heavy metals in the air. When I use the Terramin clay the energy level boost is noticeable in @ 2-3 days. I know when I don't supplement with it I really begin to drag.  --  Jack


I have been using products from Clay Remedies for about 2 years. I love their products, particularly the Terramin 2 in 1 Mega-Mineral Supplement & Internal Cleanser. I recently had a normal bone scan after years of showing osteopenia (I'm 48). The shipping is always fast and efficient. Their customer service is top-notch! --  Kelly

Used by the United States astronauts In the manned space program!

Watch The Terramin Discovery Channel Video

Ray Eats Clay!


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To learn more on Therapeutic Clays visit our About Clay Page where we present excerpts from Ran Knishinsky’s The Clay Cure an excellent resource book on the topic of Healing Clays.



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